Champion Speakers Boot Camp

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Many would think death would be the #1 fear in our country right? Wrong! Death ranks behind the #1 fear of Americans, because the #1 fear of Americans is Public Speaking. This workshop not only gives participants more confidence and helps them rid this fear of public speaking, but it enhances their public speaking skills to the point of becoming a polished and skilled speaker.

Other areas covered in this 2 and 1/2 day workshop include, How to Effectively Prepare for Presentations, Story Telling & Developing Your Own, The Power of Effective Communication, Presentation Mistakes to Avoid, Presentation Styles and much more! Participants also get an opportunity for on stage critique and feedback from expert public speakers. In addition, attendees get to compete against other attendees to win the title of Champion Speaker.

Virtually all attendees see significant improvement from the first day to the end of the workshop. Get plenty of rest because this program is definitely a BOOT CAMP! This will be one of the most challenging YET rewarding experiences of your life!

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