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Novae, aka Novae Money, is a financial technology, consulting, and training company based in Conyers, GA offering consumer financing, business funding, and credit building. A strong advocate for entrepreneurial opportunities, Novae also offers an affiliate program and white label franchise opportunity for individuals looking to start a business in the financial services industry.

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Novae University is not only a training company, but it’s a culture! This culture thrives on personal growth and self development and have training events that promote self esteem, financial knowledge, hard & soft skills, personality training, public speaking training, and much more!

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In addition to this being the title of Reco’s first book, it has developed into a brand which includes a movie, master classes, seminars and workshops, and even mentorship programs. The book is a road map for single mothers to successfully raise their children even if they are doing it alone and is a starting point of healing for anyone that had to deal with this growing up or still dealing with it currently. This will prevent fatherless fathers from further perpetuating what happened to them to the next generation. It is literally a blueprint.

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Urban Sharks is a Venture Capital and Consulting firm that focuses on the growth and success of minority owned businesses producing less than $7 million per year in revenue with less than 100 employees. Private equity financing is provided to startups, early-stage, and emerging companies that have been deemed to have high growth potential or which has demonstrated high growth. Also providing strictly consulting, Urban Sharks analyzes a company’s current strategies and provides a blueprint for greater success.

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Reco’s latest book, THE PLAN, was inspired after the senseless murder of George Floyd in broad day light in May 2020 and all the publicity the Black Lives Matter movement started to get with all the talk about police reform and how it was being presented as the solution for the black community to gain progress. While all the attention was being placed on this subject globally, it was perfect timing to publish thoughts on what would really be a solution to social injustice and what could really be done to gain real progress in the Black community forever! 

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