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The Foundation of Good Character

Great leadership is impossible without good character! This audio discusses the basics of good character and tips to consider to enhance your intentions.


10 Characteristics of Influential People

Influence is necessary for leadership, study these characteristics and you’re on your way!


8 Characteristics of Greatness

If you researched the greatest leaders in history, you would learn these 8 characteristics about them.


How to Achieve & Attract Success

This audio teaches you how to attract the people and opportunities that lead to achievement.


12 Months To Greatness Program

This is 52-week virtual course may be a little intense but this is EXACTLY what you need if you want the plan AND accountability to forge the greatness out of you!


Leadership to Legacy Summit

This intensive 2 and 1/2 day seminar will take a novice communicator and transform them into someone who is well equipped with the information to begin to start transforming lives and influencing people. The facilitator goes from teaching the core principals of leadership to the requirements of what’s required to actually leave a legacy.

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